Slurry valves

Rugged and durable slurry valves for harsh slurry conditions

Our customers require quality and reliable valves, and unwavering dedication to service. Our knife gate, ball check and vacuum breaker valves are the result of 5 decades of valve manufacturing.


KREBS® High-Pressure Knife Gate Slurry Valve

The KREBS® Technequip™ TGH / HP Knife Gate Valves are a true bi-directional slurry knife gate valve built to withstand high pressure conditions. We designed this premium performance valve with massive, replaceable rubber sleeves to seal and withstand the harsh conditions inherent in mining and industrial facilities.
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KREBS® Technequip® TG Knife Gate Slurry Valve

Your harsh operating conditions are a breeze for our TG knife gate slurry valve. This heavy-duty, bi-directional slurry valve has a full flanged body with massive rubber sleeves that provide you with a reliable seal.
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KREBS® Ball-Check Valves

Isolate your pumps – simply and automatically – with our Ball-Check Valves
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KREBS® Technequip™ TGW Knife Gate Wafer Valve

You need valves that can reliably isolate flow in demanding conditions where space is limited, requiring smaller face-to-face flange dimensions? Our solution is our TGW Wafer Style Knife Gate Valve.
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KREBS® Vacuum Breaker Valve

Our KREBS T1 Vacuum Breaker Valves work in the event of pump or power failure, an automatic solution to break the vacuum created in your pipeline and prevent piping collapse.
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