Calcining and roasting

Maximise your productivity with customised pyroprocessing systems and solutions

We offer customised system solutions for your application. Every application is fully vetted and the appropriate unit operations selected to meet your requirements in terms of product specifications, operational efficiency and emissions while minimising your project’s lifecycle costs. All is supported by our global team from initial material testing and conceptual design through to firm system design, supply, installation and operation.

Explore our product range

Stationary Incinerators
Rugged and dependable, our Stationary Incinerators offer top technology for calination. With expert process know-how across a range of materials and applications, and a proven design and complete testing facilities to validate your application, our Stationary Incinerators will revolutionise your incineration processes.
Rotary dryers
Today’s fast track delivery schedules call for standardised equipment that processes a variety of materials. Our rotary dryers are available in standard sizes, built to last, and suitable for a wide range of materials. 
Rotary coolers
FLSmidth’s rotary coolers offer a material processing experience like no other. Improving on past designs, they aim to minimise maintenance while optimising performance and temperature control at your facility. 
Suspension calciners
Our suspension calciners stand on years of experience and expertise. They have been satisfying customers since the 1970s, with their uncomplicated operation, low emissions, and minimal power consumption. They aim to make material processing a lot easier at your plant. 
Stationary preheaters
Designed to help you improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact, FLSmidth stationary dryers use innovative design for flexibility and easy operation. 
Fluidized bed coolers
Enhance your material processing experience through the use of material fluidization and cooling. We provide a more straightforward and effective way of cooling materials. Optimise productivity at your plant with our advanced cooling systems.
Stationary dryers
We offer a range of stationary drying equipment, all of which can achieve superior material processing through heat transfer. With years of experience behind us, our machinery has been designed to endure, be affordable, and perform at its best. With our products, we always aim to satisfy.
Rotary kilns
Get consistent results and sustainable productivity with rotary kilns that are precision engineered to keep your operation running safely and smoothly. Expertly crafted and thoughtfully constructed, our rotary kilns are built to last.
Rotary kiln burners
Our rotary kiln burners are designed to boost your refinery’s output without substituting sustainability or affordability. They offer benefits and features that aim to advance your thermal processing experience.