Service centres

Connecting you to our services and support – wherever you are

With technical specialists, warehouses and testing facilities, our service centres – both big and small – work closely with you to provide exceptional support.

In your neighbourhood – our service facility network

We’re there when you need us, with the right expertise, tools, and spare parts to keep your equipment running smoothly and to support you for the entire lifetime of your facility. From parts to repairs and training services - our service centres and Supercenters are always available and ready to serve you.

Our global facility network provides wide geographical coverage with a strong local presence, so you’re never far away from qualified timely assistance.

Putting the ‘Super’ in service centres

Cement is produced in over 150 countries and mines are located in some of the remotest corners of the world. Power plants, fertilizer, and other industrial facilities are not conveniently located near our Project centres. These 24/7 facilities do not have the luxury of waiting for experts and equipment to fly-in and out whenever a need arises. Instead, the expectation is that a selection of parts and service expertise can be accessed quickly. To be your leading productivity provider, we also have to be your neighbour.

Our footprint of service units and Supercenters are spread across the globe to do just that. Strategically located close to mining and cement operations, Supercenters – large-scale service centres – and service centres are part of a global network of OEM facilities, with experts providing localised services, customised to address your needs and enhance your productivity. Each location is designed to have the offerings that best serve the local market. This can range from a core group of locally based service technicians, to an entire Supercenter.

Our facility capabilities include:

  • World-class personnel ready to provide multiple solutions
  • Lifecycle enhancement services, such as rebuilds and repairs, refurbishments, and exchange programmes
  • Strategic stocking programmes for parts
  • Training programmes tailored to your needs
  • Testing and laboratory services
  • Customised service packages
  • Support for these and other offerings, such as inspection, audit and other technical services

Safety is a top priority in all our activities and it is integral to our facility operations. We also demonstrate our ongoing commitment to sustainability with several facility features, such as the capture and use of rainwater for irrigation, maximised use of natural light, use of solar energy for power, and containment of waste products for safe removal.

Keep your operations running!

 With a network of OEM service centres and experts around the world, you are always close to the parts and services you need to maximise your uptime and boost your productivity.

Increase your productivity with local rebuilds and repairs

Our Supercenters and service centres provide a local solution to keep your operations running safely and effectively. When you need rebuilds and repairs for your equipment, we have the expertise, facilities and dedicated personnel to help you.

Having this service fulfilled at one of our local facilities means that safe and expert practices are employed throughout all phases of the work, OEM parts are utilised, and total transit time is reduced. The result is equipment with increased reliability and availability, and enhanced productivity for your business.

Discover your local Supercenter or service centre

Enabling your productivity, and supporting the communities in which they are located, Supercenters and service centres are available across the globe. Find one near you:

  • Perth, Australia
  • Antofagasta, Chile
  • Santiago, Chile
  • Karaganda, Kazakhstan
  • Zacatecas, Mexico
  • Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • Arequipa, Peru
  • Delmas, South Africa
  • Tucson, USA and a local service presence across 6 continents and in 40 countries
We are ready to serve you with our wide range of solutions
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