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For the minerals and cement industries, our testing capabilities, R&D activities, and pilot-scale testing ensure you benefit from the latest technology and innovation. Use the raw-material analysis from our laboratories as the basis for efficient plant design and optimisation – so you get the most out of your investments.

Whether you are in the mining industry or the cement industry, you want your operations to make better use of resources, have lower energy consumption, and achieve a smaller environmental impact. At the same time, your operations are complex, with diverse constraints and high expectations.

When it comes to process or design questions, there is little room for guess work; you must be able to make decisions with confidence. We can help you with this. Our testing and research centres have the capabilities to investigate your material, analyse your products, and optimise your operations. An independent analysis will provide the insight you need and then together we can explore the best path forward.

As a global company spanning multiple industries, our testing and research activities – including laboratory services – have an international footprint with key locations in Denmark, USA, India and Australia. Furthermore, we have specialised services in product units. Our experience includes testing and developmental services for most large mining, chemical, energy, and engineering firms worldwide, including many co-development projects. In addition, we regularly cooperate with universities all over the world.

Getting vital data and knowledge

Through a powerful combination of resources and expertise, we are constantly working on improving existing products and processes, in addition to new innovations.

Our R&D, process testing, pilot-scale testing and raw-materials testing help ensure you get well-designed, optimal solutions. For example, to ensure you have the most energy-efficient and cost-effective system, our specialised pneumatic conveying R&D facility simulates the transport of bulk materials.

Research & Development Centre Dania

Our world-renowned R&D Centre Dania is the headquarters of our cement research and testing activities. The specialties include the analysis of cement, fuel and raw materials, pilot-scale testing, and other services to optimise your processes. Dania is also home to our own product development testing and research, where we design and test highly advanced and customised technology solutions.

Global Minerals Testing and Research Center

In Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, you can find our Global Minerals Testing and Research Center. From the exploration site to the tailings pond, we house facilities specialised in serving the mining industries with comprehensive metallurgical testing and mineralogical characterisation, as well as pilot-scale testing.

Whether you are dealing with complex ore bodies or lower grade deposits, your productivity efforts (both from a maintenance and process point of view) are paramount. You need to intimately understand your deposit and the process response, and then match this with a circuit design. For both new and existing plants, we can help you understand the processes, the limitations, and how to best operate given the ore feeding your plant.

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