Gears and drives

Powering your productivity with our gears and drives

The reliability and efficiency of your gear units and drive systems can make or break your process. With more than 100 years of experience behind our design and technologies, we deliver durable, efficient gear units for heavy duty applications supported by process expertise and smart maintenance solutions.

Cement and mining need heavy-duty power – our gear and drives deliver

Gears for horizontal mills
Our product line for horizontal mills includes planetary and multistage spur gears for central drive and girth gear pinion drives, as well as lateral gear units in single and dual arrangements.
Gears for conveyors
The high-quality and modular nature of our MAAG® KA and KB gear units for conveyors mean they are sure to meet your precise industrial gear requirements in the cement and mining industries.
Open gears
With our comprehensive expertise in gear technology, we design and produce individual and matching gear parts for heavy-duty applications in all industries that require high torque transmission.
Gears for vertical roller mills
Our product line for driving vertical roller mills covers the whole spectrum – from conventional two- and three-stage gear units to complete modular or integrated drives that deliver maximum power.
Gears for roller presses
Highly standardised without sacrificing flexibility, our MAAG® GEAR gear units provide smooth, durable operation for your roller presses. Our comprehensive range of auxiliary equipment further extends the scope of our planetary gear units – and delivers exactly what you need for your cement and raw material grinding. 
Gears for bucket wheel excavators
Optimised for the mining industry, our line of gear units for bucket wheel excavators deliver reliable transmission for drive systems in your open-pit mine
Gears for crushers
Our long experience with heavy-duty gear units gives us the expertise to design and produce top-notch bevel sets for crushers in the cement and mining industries. This know-how translates to high-quality, dependable geared components with low maintenance requirements – bringing high-performance to your crushers.