The filter cake is fed into calciners where they are roasted at temperatures of up to 1100°C to drive off free moisture and chemically-connected water, producing alumina solids. There are different calcination technologies in use, including gas suspension calciners, fluidised bed calciners and rotary kilns.

The following equation describes the calcination reaction:

2Al(OH)3 → Al2O3 + 3H2O

Alumina, a white powder, is the product of this step and the final product of the Bayer Process, ready for shipment to aluminium smelters or the chemical industry.

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Alumina Gas Suspension Calciner

As new technologies emerge within refineries and aluminium smelters, the drivers for change are consistently tied to economy of scale, energy efficiency and particle breakdown. Our engineers analysed each step within the alumina calcination process and made numerous enhancements to improve performance while reducing costs. 
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